Reformation Sunday

What is Reformation Sunday?

  Each year, the Church celebrates Reformation Sunday on the last Sunday of October, commemorating a significant event in the history of the Reformed tradition. It was on October 31, 1517, that Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg.

  At First Presbyterian Church, it also becomes a time to remember the great reformer and Father of Presbyterianism, John Calvin.  His Institutes of the Christian Religion, helped shape the Presbyterian Church as it still exists. 

  Luther and Calvin, as two of the key Reformers, felt the church should be renewed and refocused on scripture, the sacraments, and the discipline in the church.  Said most basically, they thought the Church in that time had lost its way and needed to change some - to renew our life together.  So, in obedience to Jesus Christ, we maintain those "reforming" principles, affirming Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei, that is, "The church reformed, always to be reformed according to the Word of God" in the power of the Spirit. 

  John Knox brought Presbyterianism to Scotland, and it flourished.  So Reformation Sunday for us at First Presbyterian is also a celebration of our Scottish roots. 

Bagpipes and Drums

As we celebrate our Scottish roots, we are proud to have the Arbroath Pipes and Drums each year on Reformation Sunday.  It is a special treat.